Darwin’s book in the twenty-first century warns that humanity is in danger of falling into an ‘always down’ slope



Oct 28, 2021 01:34 GMT

According to Edward Wilson, the father of social biology, we have to stop climate change and protect the species on this planet.

Prominent American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, known as “Darwin of the twenty-first century,” warned in an interview with Reuters That the future of humanity could be threatened if it was not possible to unite efforts at the global level to save the biodiversity of the planet.

The father of social biology, which investigates the biological foundations of human behavior, argues that curb climate change And Protection of existing species On this planet there are two goals that must be achieved together. “Otherwise, the slope of human history will always be downward,” the 92-year-old scientist at Harvard University predicted.

In this sense, some joint steps have already been taken. Thus, the so-called “30 by 30” initiative, promoted by the United Nations, urges countries to assume the commitment to Preserve 30% of its land and water by 2030. In part, this goal was set by the Wilson Project half of the earth which seeks to “protect hemisphere’s surface and sea to manage sufficient habitat to reverse the species extinction crisis and ensure the long-term health of the planet”.

In this sense, Wilson is positive regarding the human capacity to Catalog more protected spaces.

“It would be one of mankind’s most proud achievements. If we do not, and allow the annihilation of a large part of the world’s biodiversity, this neglect of all future generations will be considered one of the world’s greatest failures of humanity.”

Wilson’s message arrives on the eve United Nations Climate Conference, COP26, which will start on October 31 in Glasgow (Scotland), where participants will discuss measures to tackle climate change.

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