Does she have fans in Uganda? The story of the African who appeared in a National shirt

Does she have fans in Uganda?  The story of the African who appeared in a National shirt

A photo of a Ugandan man wearing a Purslane jersey has gone viral on social media. This is not the first time the green jacket has traveled around the world

All over the world it is normal to see football fans wearing the jerseys of the biggest clubs on the planet; But fans rarely wear Colombian football shirts. It is true that some clubs have become recognized in South America, such as Atletico Nacional; But outside those boundaries they are almost unknown.

Well, a Twitter user, who goes by the name Stefania Ramirez, who is in Uganda, found something very unusual on the streets of the country. Through her profile, the woman, who was supposedly born in Medellin, shared a photo in which the Kampala resident appears wearing an Atletico Nacional shirt.

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I was in Kitintale and saw a man wearing the shirt of one of the most important football teams in my city, Colombia. I asked him and he had no idea what Los del Sur was; But he happily told me that he bought the shirt in Rwanda. From Kampala, very kindly, let's go green.” The words the woman wrote were in English.

The reactions to Stefania's tweet were immediate. It was mentioned by many Green fans when a resident was seen at some demonstrations in Burkina Faso, another African country, wearing a King of Cups jersey, or when the team flag with the team shield appeared in front of the camera in the World Cup final. There is no doubt that, although it may seem conservative, Atletico Nacional are known around the world.


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