Durango basketball players are called in the USA – El Sol de Durango

Durango basketball players are called in the USA – El Sol de Durango

Due to their athletic ability, as well as their discipline, three basketball players from Durango in California, USA, will be with the D1 Mexico National Winter Championship Challenge 365 Grassroots team.

The players who will wear the tricolor jersey are Agustín Martínez, Diego Andrade and Ulises Ortiz, who will be participating in the U-14 category, and will be on the field from December 14 to 19.

It was in the month of October, they participated in the Select Camp held in Aguascalientes, there were 50 basketball players from different parts of the country, the selected Durango belongs to the SunDevils-IED school, class of 2008 and they are coached by Joel “Sugar”. Ortiz.

It will be Friday that the Duranguenses start their focus in the warm, watery city with the rest of their teammates, all under coaches Cesar Antonio Landín Aguilar, César Antonio Landín Miranda and Alonso Landín Aguilar.

Later on December 13, they will travel to Los Angeles, California, to begin their participation in the Winter Challenge 365 Grassroots.

But not only will they be on the field, but they will also attend the NBA game with the Lakers teams against the Denver Nuggets.

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