Earth Day 2022: The series Netflix recommends for understanding climate change

Earth Day 2022: The series Netflix recommends for understanding climate change

Millions of people celebrate Every April 22 on Earth DayWhich calls attention to the impact of climate on the planet, a situation that is widely discussed from households to international conventions led by the heads of the most important countries in the world. Also, there are many TV channels and platforms Streaming, like NetflixThose who have chosen a selection of thematic content To honor this date.

In this sense, there is a marathon for all tastes: from disaster films inspired by real events, to the choices of learning as a family. Share on their social networks Diverse list of documentaries about different problems Subscribers can explore it.

It is a series of nature documentaries produced by Netflix. our planet (our planetIt consists of one season of eight seasons Narrated by David Attenborough in the original, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek for Spain and Latin America respectively. All episodes premiered on April 5, 2019. The title invites the user to experience the natural beauty of the Earth, as well as discover How does climate change affect all living things.

Our Planet Trailer

According to the official summary of earth at night What the platform offers: The veil of night is lifted to reveal the hidden lives of different animals from all over the worldFrom stalked lions to bats in flight.” The six-episode documentary series, which premiered in 2020, is narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Samira Wiley.

The Earth at Night presents images without light never seen before (Credit: Netflix)

It is a luxury production, since then for the first time Cameras were used with the technology to record every movement at nightSome materials are highly sensitive to moonlight and others to infrared radiation. The production shows nature in the dark and in different parts of the world, from Alaska to Chilean Patagonia.

David Attenborough, a famous British scientist, and one of the most famous naturalists on television is a leader Life in Color with David Attenborougha production launched in 2021. With innovative technology, this documentary series Explores nature from a new perspective in three chapters It shows how animals use colors to survive.

Trailer Life in Color with David Attenborough

The Emmy Award winner looks back at the past and poses for the future in this 2020 production. As Narrator David Attenborough: Life on Our PlanetAnd Traces his life and Earth’s evolutionary history, while mourning the loss of the wild world and presenting his vision of a better future. Likewise, it analyzes humanity’s impact on nature and actions to save the planet.

David Attenborough reviews his life and Earth's evolutionary history, while grieving the loss of the wild world
David Attenborough reviews his life and Earth’s evolutionary history, while grieving the loss of the wild world

One of the pioneers of nature documentaries, Attenborough has eight series to his credit and has made it possible to see nearly every aspect of life on Earth.

This captivating series is divided into two seasons of eight episodes in total, animalfollows the world’s greatest creatures and showcases never-before-seen visuals with moments as intense as their movement.

Produced by Plimsoll Productions and distributed to Netflix in 2021, narrated by Anthony Mackie and featuring Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Rashida Jones and Pedro Pascal, and between episodes, it explores the lives of big cats, octopuses, and marsupials.

Similarly, other titles recommended by Netflix to remember the importance of this day to humanity that include a variety of landscapes and animal life are Heaven that lives; dancing with birds 72 dangerous animals; 72 Poisonous Animals Andes Magical Birdhouses. Fantastic mushroomAnd s Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet.

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