Ebola: Three vaccine candidates shipped to Uganda

Ebola: Three vaccine candidates shipped to Uganda

World Health Organization (Who is the) announced today that the three Vaccines Candidates against Ebola for use in clinical trials Make sure it is safe and effective.

All three vaccines were evaluated They obtained initial approval from a panel of experts, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news briefing that they had recommended that they be part of the trials.

Uganda announced a Ebola outbreak last September, But unlike the last of those recorded on the African continent, this time it was not caused by a strain called “Zaire”, but by the strain known as “Sudan”.

While First, there are vaccines that were developed in the context of the Ebola epidemic that affected several West African countries between 2013 and 2016, For the strain currently circulating in Uganda – which has already caused 141 deadThere is no vaccine yet.

The three vaccine candidates will be tested in Uganda In the “ring” vaccinations, prof The strategy consisting of vaccinating people deemed at risk, Especially those who live with the patient and those who had some kind of contact with him when he actually had symptoms and up to 21 days before that.

This strategy does not necessarily apply to a geographic area, but to a social network of people and places.

The World Health Organization said it is not yet known how many episodes will form, but the idea is that clinical trials will be sufficiently random Generate strong evidence of the level of effectiveness of vaccines.

The organization has not specified how many vaccines of each type will be sent to Uganda.



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