Economic data is improving, but risks remain: CEESP


Despite the fact that the most recent data on economic activity in Mexico has improved, internal obstacles that may limit growth remain, so the government should look for schemes that allow imprinting of its priorities but without closing productive activities or entering private sector participation or Discouraging investment, which is what CEESP considers.

In its executive economic analysis, the Center for European Economic and Social Studies indicated that the International Monetary Fund has corrected its growth forecast for Mexico from 4.3% to 5.0% for this year; In addition, indicators of confidence, both for the consumer and the company, maintain a monthly progress that reflects greater optimism, or rather less pessimism.

“The dynamic of the United States economy that has been seen, in addition to the recent acceleration of the vaccination process can, without a doubt, positively affect consumption and economic activity with a spillover into our country.” However, CEESP pointed to internal obstacles that might limit growth: slow vaccination, low investment, and lack of dynamism in consumption. Vaccines continue to arrive in the country. As of April 5, 15.2 million vaccines have been received, of which 9.3 million have been applied. However, the application rate is low. “

For CEESP, another obstacle to the country’s economic revitalization, and perhaps the most important, is that a high level of uncertainty still results from the economic proposals and policies of the government and its party. This, to the extent that the goal appears to have been to discourage investment rather than facilitate it. Therefore, he urged that investment not be deterred because there was no justification for closing activities.

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