Eight doctors from the Faculty of General Medicine have died of Covid-19 – El Sol de Tijuana

Eight doctors from the Faculty of General Medicine have died of Covid-19 – El Sol de Tijuana

Tijuana: Yesenia Espinosa, president of that college, said at least eight doctors from Baja California’s College of General Medicine have died of coronavirus since the pandemic began.

“Eight of my school died. Mexico is the country with the most health sector workers with deaths from Covid-19. We must remember that the health sector received low-quality materials, and here they had a different situation because schools and private initiatives brought good protective equipment ‘ added the doctor.

Espinosa noted that during the state’s previous government administration, it was necessary for private doctors to march to demand the implementation of their Covid-19 vaccine.

“We private sector doctors marched so that they could apply vaccines to us, because they did not vaccinate us, there were many deaths, private doctors died, because we continue to treat patients with Covid-19 who did not go to health centers because they were afraid that they would get sick Plus. They gave us the first dose on March 27.”

With the current administration led by Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda as governor and Adrian Medina Amarillas as health minister, vaccination has been conducted throughout the health sector without distinction between private and public.

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“In the private sector, we did not have to take to the streets. They asked us in the previous administration to know our number, it only tormented our ears, and that is why we took to the streets. They have currently vaccinated the entire health sector, and no distinction is made between private or public sector.

Analyzing a comparison of the green epidemic traffic light of the past 2021 with the current 2022, Dr. Espinosa stated that during the spring and summer of last year the proportion of the vaccinated population was lower, so there was a rebound in cases.

“Now we can’t say that the scenario will repeat itself, because many already have a second dose. There is a lack of information, there are people who think Johnson and Johnson is only one dose, we have to remember that vaccines have an expiration date, the fact that you received a vaccine does not mean that you have I was already fully protected, because otherwise the reinforcements would not have been there,” he finished.

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