Colombia injects $30 million into science, technology and innovation in the country

Colombia injects $30 million into science, technology and innovation in the country
A nurse administers samples of “convalescent plasma” to treat COVID-19 patients today, at the Provincial Institute for Biotechnology Science and Health Innovation, in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE / Carlos Ortega

Over the next ten years, Colombia will have available funding of 30 billion pesos that will be used to promote science, technology and innovation in the country. Of the funds, it was indicated that 20 billion will be delivered to the sector through Conpes, and another 10 billion will be delivered through the public royalty system.

“Where were the resources for this sector? What investments are we talking about, those that come from the public sector? Conpes 469, which we prepared in December of last year, allows us to say that in the next ten years, without counting royalties, we are talking About the investment of 20 billion for this sector. Another historic milestone of science, technology and innovation in our country, “said the President, Ivan Duque.

This announcement was made by the President of the Republic during the presentation of his progress International Mission of the Wise Men. It should be noted that this group was born in 2019, when the Presidency of the Republic met 47 national and international experts with The goal is to contribute to the construction and implementation of public policy for education, science, technology and innovation.

The group is made up of 16 international members and 31 nationals, all of whom are experts in different scientific fields in Colombia. It was noted that they worked with honors, and helped”Tracing the path of building a knowledge-based society in Colombia”.

On Monday, the progress made in implementing the eight axes set by the Mission of the Elders, as well as the ongoing and short-term measures that will allow the national government to take new positive actions for the country, were presented. This mission had the task of designing and implementing strategies to be implemented in Colombia, in the long term, to Respond to productive and social challenges in a scalable, repeatable and sustainable manner, and success in building a knowledge-based society.

Thus, Duque asserts that his government will leave the fund to this sector and ensure that the group continues to operate for at least the next 10 years. Additionally, he highlighted four other milestones.

Among the achievements, Unification of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. He pointed out that despite what he called “stumbling” before the Constitutional Court which declared the law under which the government portfolio was created unconstitutional, his administration made the unification of the entity viable.

As a second teacher, mention the call Corporate Governance And as a third party, he mentioned that his administration is the one who More PhD Scholarships Managed the country’s history, with 4,000 of them. The fourth achievement was the expansion of the national laboratory system. It must be remembered that before the pandemic there was one person trained to conduct coronavirus tests under the Berlin Protocol, more than 167 laboratories across the territory.

“In the midst of the pandemic, we passed the Incentive Act for a Colombian company with a presence in India, the United States and Canada to lay the foundation stone for the first VaxThera factory that produces vaccines in our country,” he added. Duki.

In addition, the President has used the space to ensure that 30% of the national territory will be designated as a protected area this year. Likewise, he confirmed that the ARC Simón Bolívar would begin operating as the only oceanographic vessel in the country. The goal of both measures is to work to protect Colombia’s marine areas, which are part of that reserve declared and expanded at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, along with Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama.

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