Eight fishermen were killed in a Ugandan village


March 19, 2021, 7:20 amKampala, March 19 (Prinsa Latina) Unidentified gunmen, allegedly from South Sudan, stormed the Ugandan county of Moyo and shot and killed eight fishermen, the Daily Monitor reported here today.

The victims were residing in the village of Ghobari in Moyo district and were attacked on Thursday while they were fishing in the Nile River.

Musa Tumwen, an internal security officer in the area, confirmed the incident and stated that a survivor of the attack was being treated for head injuries at a health center in the area.

For their part, security officials said that an investigation is still underway to determine the armed group that attacked the fishermen.

The commander of the UPDF 503 Brigade, Lt. Col. David Obero, indicated that he had received reports of attacks on fishermen from “our side of the river” and “intelligence officials were sent to collect more details and alert them accordingly. . Otherwise, information would still be scarce.

The attack comes six days after Ugandan and South Sudanese officials met in the city of Kajukiji, southern Sudan, to discuss how to solve the ongoing cattle rustling, kidnappings, and the general security situation in the border areas.

During that meeting, Emmanuel Adel, Governor of Central Equatoria State, stated that the absence of the local government structure on the South Sudanese side affected his relationship with Uganda.

The border clashes, regional disputes, illegal logging, and the high rate of smuggling taking place in those areas are all factors that impede our progress. We need to identify the vulnerabilities and saboteurs of our good reputation so that the decisions we made already during our meetings in Koboko and Yei are implemented.

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