El Salvador – USA: Close match at the top

El Salvador – USA: Close match at the top

El Salvador women’s national football team will face its last match in the 2022 Beach Soccer Cup on Saturday evening.

The national team will face its counterpart from the United States, the team that leads the standings with six points.

El Salvadorans came in third with three units, like Argentina, but the South American team occupies second place after beating El Salvadorans in the direct series.

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In the duel against the Argentine national team, El Salvador was on the verge of turning the score, after drawing 6-6 after falling by four goals, but the Argentines scored the winning goal from a penalty kick with a time of just over one minute in front of the team. end of the match.

Cuscatleco’s team has few chances of winning the championship, as they need to beat the United States by five goals and for Argentina not to beat the Bahamas in normal time.

However, the national teams want to beat the Americans and close their time in the Beach Soccer Cup with a win.

“The United States is a very strong team and the match will be different. You never know what can happen and it can happen to both teams and with God’s blessing we hope to win,” said Salvadoran defender Rosa Guevara.

The Americans will not let things be easy, they depend on themselves to win the championship, so winning the penalty shootout will be enough for them to win the title.

The North American team just beat Argentina 2-4 and the Bahamas 5-2, and they will be looking to expand their good streak.

“First of all, we respect them (the El Salvadorans), we know they are a strong opponent, they are tactically well prepared and we hope to play one-on-one against them. We are excited to play against them, and there will be a great atmosphere on the field,” said USA forward Lauren Leslie.

The duel between the Salvadorans and the Americans will take place at 6:15 pm.


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