Macri travels to the United States for a conference on ‘leadership’ | Invited by Georgetown University

Former President Macri will return to the United States next week at the invitation of Georgetown University in Washington for talks on April 19-20.

The conferences are being organized by this study house’s Georgetown Americas Institute, which set the upcoming Macri conference on April 19 with the theme “Reflections on Leadership,” while the symposium took place on April 20 with the theme “Lessons from the Presidency.” .

The talks will be moderated by Alejandro Werner, a former IMF official and one of the key men within the organization to give Argentina a $44 billion loan during Macri’s administration as head of Casa Rosada.

And so Macri returns to the United States after he was there at the beginning of April, when he had lunch with former President Donald Trump with whom he later took a photo he posted from his social networks, which was interpreted within PRO as an indication that he intends to run for president in 2023.

After this meeting with Trump, Macri returned to Argentina and held a political meeting with the top PRO party candidates – Buenos Aires Prime Minister Horacio Rodríguez Laretta, party chairwoman Patricia Bullrich and National Representative Maria Eugenia Vidal – in which they agreed to de-escalate internal differences and postpone how it would be resolved This party has its presidential nominations.

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