The kind gift they gave to a historic coach for the United States

The kind gift they gave to a historic coach for the United States

Earlier this month, Mike Krzyzewski ended his run of nearly half a century and countless hits. The historic American basketball coach decided to retire, and despite the fact that his last match ended in defeat, his journey was marked by great achievements. That is why they decided to hold a party in honor of him and presented him with a strange gift.

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In his last game with Duke University, he lost 81-77 in the Final Four against North Carolina and closed his career after nearly 47 years devoted to the discipline he was passionate about. At the age of 75, Coach K left basketball and his successor, Jon Scheyer, decided to honor him. At the event held in his honor in Duke, Scheyer presented him with a cute puppy that brought smiles to all present.

Both the coach and the players were at the honoring banquet and at the moment the puppy was handed over to him Snuggle into the arms of his new owner and lick his face, awakening everyone’s tenderness. Retirement would be a new stage in Krzyzewski’s career, but the foundation made sure he was not alone.

The profession of coach K.

The 75-year-old coach will be in charge of the Duke University team he’s been leading since 1980, and will conclude a career tired of racking up wins and records in the academic environment. But also titles and medals with the US men’s team: as an assistant he was, for example, part of the coaching staff of the unforgettable dream team. The team that won the gold medal in Barcelona 1992 and as head coach, was a three-time Olympic champion and twice World Cup winner.

Krzyzewski is considered the best coach in college basketball history along with legendary John Wooden (ten-time champion with UCLA) who lived the sport with passion and dedication. “I love what I do. When I was 16, I dreamed of becoming a basketball teacher and coach. I still have the same passion,” he said more than once in recent years starting his coaching career in 1974.

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The story of this coach who has dedicated 42 years of his life to basketball is peppered with a deep love of discipline. Prior to arriving at Duke, he spent one season as an assistant at Indiana University and five seasons as a United States Military Academy team captain, where he himself played during his years in the Armed Forces.

On top of the Blue Devils, he reached the Final Four for the first time in 1986 and won his first NCAA title in 1991. Today he already has four more titles in his window (1992, 2001, 2010 and 2015) and is a coach with more presence in that final stage of the competition Which will be held this weekend for the thirteenth time, and the first in history to reach that stage in five different decades.

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“Coach K is one of the best players ever, if not the best. He suits us perfectly… He allows us the freedom to play basketball and have fun, but at the same time he wants us to be perfect. We have to expect perfection and that’s what he wants.” He said a few years ago, LeBron J

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