Joleon Alvarez, five years after he was expelled from the United States | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda-nnlt | Fame

Joleon Alvarez, five years after he was expelled from the United States |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda-nnlt |  Fame

The La Concordia-born singer has used his social networks to express himself five years after he was banned from US soil. , now 39, thanked the unconditional support of all the “people who never left our hands,” while trying to see the positive in all the negatives he had to live with. As he was recalled, the interpreter was indicted in 2017 by the US Treasury Department for allegedly participating in illegal acts.

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He is one of the most famous regional Mexican music singers and feels that the work he has done over the years, even before he was banned, has allowed him to stay in the music scene. Joleon Alvarez, who cannot give any concerts on American soil, spoke about how he handled this impossibility.

The translator of “You’d Go Before” and “Here Nothing Will Change,” among other songs that became a hit of the popular genre in Mexico, was real when it came to showing his feelings. “It’s been five years and people haven’t left our hands, really, a big thank you to all of our fans”He wrote on his social networks.

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Julion Álvarez is banned from entering the United States and publishing his music in that country (Photo: Julión Álvarez/Instagram)

Jolon Alvarez: What do you think of its restrictions and veto restrictions in the United States?

Through a video he posted on his Instagram account, Julión Álvarez recorded his opinion of everything he had to live with in the past five years. “It’s an ugly, ugly inability to not be competitive and not have the tools to let us in and play everyone, it’s part of what we had to live with, and the time we had our tools to be able to give it, I think it was taken advantage of.”he began by saying.

Then, he highlighted the unconditional support of his fans and followers. “Almost 5 years have passed and people have not left our hands. This is appreciated and everything has a reason, so by the time we have already learned the following”confirmed.

He also lamented that the restrictions are not only limited to his performances on American soil, but also to the dissemination of his music through official channels. “Unfortunately we can’t distribute music like everyone else, we have to work harder and that’s what we’re focusing on right now. We’re not in the lists or in playlists or in suggestions, we can’t even distribute a song nationally, so it’s very slow, but we’re there and no we complain”It is to explain.

Why was Julen Alvarez banned in the United States?

In 2017, US authorities restricted his access to that country, alleging his involvement in alleged criminal acts. Since then, while the investigation process continues, Julion Alvarez cannot hold concerts in that country, nor distribute his music through official channels and platforms.

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