USA beat Argentina in Beach Soccer Cup

USA beat Argentina in Beach Soccer Cup

The United States women’s national football team defeated Argentina 4-2 in the first match of the Beach Soccer Cup, which will be held at the Costa del Sol.

Sofia Masito of Argentina celebrates scoring twice against the United States at the start of the Beach Soccer Cup. Photo: Carlos Cardenas, El Grafico

Captain Keane Sunseri-Warp wanted to surprise first with a shot that went wide of the Argentine national team’s goal.

But the South Americans were not far behind, and the footballers were encouraged to attack with Chileans and long shots, even though they did not have the goal to make their chances tangible.

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Agustina Tasinazu was the most dangerous player for the Argentines, with the chances being the clearest in the first half.

At the end of the first half, Ashley Triplett attempted a kick on the bike to open the scoring, but Argentina goalkeeper Gisele Kolodesinski was eager to save the ball.

While the first half ended without goals, the score in the second period will move quickly.

In the second minute of the second half, from a distance, Kelly Quigley managed to beat Kolodesinsky and opened the scoring for the Stars and Stripes team.

Five minutes later, Sofia Masito took advantage of a free kick, scoring a superb goal from distance to equalize the score. Nothing to do for goalkeeper Kristen Yount.

Lauren Leslie celebrates her goal in the match between the United States and Argentina in the Beach Soccer Cup held on the Costa del Sol. Photo: Carlos Cardenas, El Graco.

And after only three minutes, Masito scored his double again from a distance with a free kick from the midfield. Argentina reversed the score.

The United States tried to make up for their loss, but went into the second half break without being able to do so.

In the third period, the North Americans took more risks, their match was more intense in attack, but Argentina did not give up and was close to the third.

Masetto again fired a long shot, which Yount barely shot over the goal with his fingertips.

About five minutes into the third half, the United States had a clear chance of a tie. Daniil Kovacevich did not take advantage of a penalty kick and sent the ball well over the Argentine goal.

The North Americans equalized two minutes later with a long shot from Alexandria Hall, and after controlling the ball he was encouraged to shoot the ball and stunned Kolodesinsky.

Argentina came close to scoring the third goal with a bicycle kick that hit the post, but luck was in favor of the Americans. Kovacević sent Takito’s pass to Torey Hooper to score the third goal with a soft touch.

Lauren Leslie won a penalty kick in the last seconds of the match.


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