The United States Provides Initiatives to Promote Equality in Government | United State

The United States Provides Initiatives to Promote Equality in Government |  United State

The US Department of Justice is improving language access to its programs to help people with limited English proficiency better report crimes. The Home Office provides technical assistance to indigenous peoples to help them apply for grants.

In addition, the Department of Energy helps low-income families access programs to adapt their homes and save energy.

These initiatives are among hundreds of strategies and commitments the Biden administration announced Thursday. It’s the result of an executive order Biden signed hours after taking office, aimed at promoting racial equality and supporting disadvantaged communities throughout the federal government.

The order was the first of its kind issued by a president, said Chirag Pines, the vice president’s deputy advisor for racial justice and equity.

“We’ve created a mission and a mandate for every agency, the entire federal government, to focus equity in everything we do,” Baines told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

After more than a year of review, more than 90 federal agencies, including every major Cabinet department, released “Plans of Action for Equality” on Thursday.

The plans lay out more than 300 strategies and commitments aimed at making federal policies fairer for all, including the poorest and most non-white communities; Tribal, rural, LGBT, disabled, women and girls communities.

The plans were to be discussed at a White House event hosted Thursday by Homeland Policy Adviser Susan Rice, Budget Director Shalanda Young and cabinet members. Biden has one of the most diverse Cabinets, including blacks and Hispanics at the helm of top cabinet positions, including defense, health, housing and urban development, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

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