Emmanuel Macron: This was the moment when an egg was thrown at the President of France

Emmanuel Macron: This was the moment when an egg was thrown at the President of France

On Monday, a man threw an egg against French President Emmanuel Macron in the corridors of the International Conference of Restaurant Professionals held in Lyon (southeast of France).

The egg hit the back of the French president, even if it did not break. The launch owner was evacuated before his hands were tied in another room.

“If you have to tell me something, let him come,” said the 43-year-old head of state, asking to bring the man to him. He added, “I’ll go see him later. Go find him.”

This incident occurred during his visit to the restaurant, hotel and the International Food Fair (SIRHA) with three members of his government and the former president of the Elysee.

The law contrasts with the generally warm welcome of Macron, for whom professionals thanked the state’s assistance during the coronavirus crisis, which has hit the sector hard.

On June 8, Macron, who has not yet confirmed whether he will run for re-election in the April 2022 presidential election, A man had already slapped him during a visit to a town south of Lyon.

The unemployed man receiving social assistance was tried and sentenced two days later Four months in prison. He was released on September 21.

When he was running for president in 2017, Macron received a slap in the head during a visit to the Salon de Agriculture in Paris.

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