African-American kicked out of Google offices: ‘They didn’t believe he worked there’


According to the victim, he was taken by two security guards to check his ID. Google ensures that they have already taken action on this matter so that these types of incidents do not happen again

United States, September 27 (La Opinion).– A Afro-descendant Google employee made know it security personnel The company detained him the day he worked after someone denounced him. Angel Onuoha, who is the company’s associate product manager and recently graduated from Harvard university, He stated on Twitter that he had been arrested by security men.

according to ForbesThe victim stated that the people who detained him did not believe that he worked for the company. “I was riding my bike around the Google campus and someone called me to security because of it They didn’t think I was an employeeOnoha said in a viral tweet posted on September 20.

“He was accompanied by two security guards to check my identity card,” Onoha explained. After what happened, the former Harvard student tweeted that security “ended up taking my ID card from me later that day, and they asked me to call security if I had a problem with it.”

After what happened, a Google spokesperson informed Forbes And in a statement that the company “takes this employee’s concerns seriously,” according to the document, tech company Angel Onuoha has contacted to address the incident in detail.

“We learned that the employee was having problems with his badge due to a typo and contacted the reception team for assistance,” Google stated. “After they were unable to solve the problem, the security team was called to investigate and help solve the problem,” the company added.

The technology company explained in the positioning statement that it is taking the necessary measures until the identification procedures are taken by the security team that will investigate these types of problems.

Additionally, the company stated that it is making efforts to ensure “the goal is to ensure that all employees experience Google as an inclusive workplace and that we create a stronger sense of belonging for all employees.”

Despite the fact that the issue has been clarified, corporate racial discrimination has been a problem that persists and has a social and media impact on the entire American community, which is increasingly sensitive and aware of this type of situation.

According to a Gallup report published in 2020, one in four black workers said they had experienced discrimination in their job in the past year. Since the pandemic, many workers of color have expressed a preference for working from home over dealing with micro-infections in person in the office.

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