Peru Libre vs Pedro Castillo Signing the Chapultepec Declaration

Peru Libre vs Pedro Castillo Signing the Chapultepec Declaration
Free Peruvian Bank. Photo: Andean Agency

Bench free peru He was against the president Pedro Castillo The signing of the Statements from Chapultepec and Salta, despite the intentions he had previously shown before Dinah Bullwart.

The Vice President of the Republic, Minister of Development and Social Integration (MEDIS) and a member of the ruling party pledged on Saturday 25 Press Council of Peru (CPP) and the Peruvian Foreign Press Association (APEP) To speak with the President in search of the signature of Chapultepec and Salta statements.

This was stated to the press by Rodrigo Salazar, CEO of Press Council of Peru (CPP), which clarified that the documents referred to are aimed at preserving and promoting freedom of expression and the press at the national level in a democratic society.

“The Peruvian Press Council (CPP) and the Peruvian Foreign Press Association met with Vice President Dina Polwart to motivate the President of the Republic and to propose again to sign the Chapultepec and Salta Declarations, two fundamental proclamations testaments to freedom of expression for all Peruvians”Salazar told Channel N.

“What the Vice President has told us is that she thinks it is a bill that comes in her name and does not represent the feelings of the government. She told us that she does not support it,” Salazar said.

however, free peru He mentioned that the president Pedro Castillo should not respond to Political and media pressure To sign the Chapultepec and Salta Declarations.

“The Peruvian Liber Party expresses its total and absolute rejection of the political and media pressures applied to the President of the Republic, Professor Pedro Castillo Teron, to sign these documents.”The party group said through a statement.

As you remember, the ruling party supports the Congressman’s bill Abel Race, which suggests that the government can control the contents of the media under exceptional circumstances.

Moreover, in the event of an emergency, the government can dictate “temporary” measures that must be adhered to by telecom operators, providers and users.

“Peru Libre considers that the regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum and electric radio does not contradict the rights of the least favored Peruvians, but, on the contrary, will allow work to ensure and guarantee the rights of citizens in every corner of the state, just as it consecrates freedom of expression” Peru Liber indicated.

Vladimir Sirin

Parliamentarian Reyes’ proposal is in line with the government’s plan Vladimir Siron, owner of Peru Libre, on the need to create a file “Regulation Law” modes.

According to Cerrone, the country has a “concentration of the media in the hands of the rich.”


for him Press Council of Peru, the bill is a forfeiture against the media, in addition to the intent to interfere with its content, which they believe is necessary for the Castillo government to sign the Chapultepec and Salta Declarations, which protect media and press freedoms.

Meanwhile, the Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) sees the proposal as contradicting the constitution, in addition to the fact that behind the bill there is a goal to control media content.

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