Employees of a company in the United States resign at the same time and register it on TikTok


US: Holding a job under great pressure and in poor conditions can be very complicated, at which point the option to resign becomes viable for the sake of mental health.

@garwood8812 When the entire crew decides to remove the shoe department in a matter of minutes. For our DM, he hated you all and don’t forget to fix those window screens 😉. The shoe department was real, it was fun, but you sure the hell wasn’t really fun ✌🏻 #screen_video_screen # retweet # Thoughts #Buffering # cyan ♬ Original Audio – Garwood8812

All the workers in a shoe store in the United States decided to quit at the same time because of the poor conditions they lived there.

This is how all the shoe store employees quit at the same time, many employees claimed the mistreatment they received from their boss.

“When entire employees decide to quit their job in just a few minutes,” the message says in a video that went viral.

Through a TikTok message, employees shared the moment they resigned.

You can see in the pictures the former employees collect their things and leave the place.

This bizarre protest spread on social networks and sparked a wave of both pro- and anti-comments.

The video sparked many messages of support for the former workers, and some people who worked in that place even referred to the poor conditions and treatment.

One comment reads: “I hated this job, I got fired because another employee stole it and I didn’t know anything about it.”

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