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Several decisions made in the Ministry of Finance in recent weeks that began with the long leave of the now former president, Arturo Herrera, have served to send two very clear messages: There is already a secretary with the confidence of the President – who is able to say no and no way – and the command line begins to This desk, whether you like it or not. The first shocks were made in Pemex and CFE, which will have better budgets, but more control over legacy expenses, this is an example; Now he has brought in Rogelio Ramirez de la or someone else from Monterrey to serve as the agency’s spokesperson: Wilhelm F. The notorious thing is that Hagelsip Garza is under the instructions of his secretary and, as far as is known, is only interested in the voice of the presidency. Is this the deal, by order of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, Presidential spokesman Jesus Ramirez? Well, he will have to take over the rest of the ministry, although apparently each speaker will begin to search for his saint.

In Chihuahua they wonder where the ex-governor Javier Corral is because some say he’s at CDMX looking for a position in another political party or to be part of the ex-governor’s ambassadors. Others identified him in Spain because many of his closest aides went to Madrid, they say, with whom he would have business meetings. We are talking about his closest former aides: the former Secretary General of the Government Fernando Mesta, the former adviser to the state judiciary, Luz Estela Castro, and the current head of the UACh. Luis Fierro Ramirez all the luck to smile back to North.

By the way, and Plaza Condesa, when will it be demolished? Some authorities are waiting for the moment to flee and leave everything to the next administration. This is what happens in the Cuauhtemoc Mayor’s office, where they leave a case that could cost lives pending. Not even with opinions that warn of the high risk of collapse, cracks and obvious damage, they cause their demolition.

PD: All countries have experienced an economic crisis, and Mexico is the worst before last in how the economy reacts to the crisis. Only Uganda has done worse, according to International Monetary Fund data from the International Institute of Finance.

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