epic | Ugandan Olympic athlete flees, does not want to return to his country

epic |  Ugandan Olympic athlete flees, does not want to return to his country

Julius Ssekitoleko is a Ugandan weightlifter who has disappeared since Friday in Japan.

The athlete arrived in Izumisano at the end of June, in that Japanese city, the Ugandan Olympic team is training before the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, Julius left the hotel without warning, leaving a message in his room expressing his desire to start a new life and work in the Asian country, and in the letter there were instructions for his colleagues to hand over their belongings to his wife.

Sikitoliko said she does not want to return to Uganda due to the poor living conditions that exist.

He is believed to have bought a train ticket bound for Nagoya, Kyodo news agency reported. Representatives of the African country did not hear from him.

Julius was one of nine Ugandan athletes in isolation because two of his teammates tested positive for Covid-19 upon their arrival in Japan.

In the Tokyo 2020 antiviral regulations, instructions were that they undergo daily tests, and although the athlete did not show up Friday morning to take an antiviral test, Izumisano’s crew did not realize Julius had escaped, even his companions confirmed that the former was still in his room in the middle of the night. the night.

Health regulations prohibit athletes and delegates from going anywhere other than their hotel, training venue or any part that has not been previously approved.

Next week Sikitoliko will return home with his coach.

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