They can’t find one from Uganda in Tokyo

They can’t find one from Uganda in Tokyo

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France Press agency

A spokesman for the mayor of this city near Osaka (west) announced that an Olympic athlete from Uganda was declared missing after it was found that he was not at the hotel in the Japanese city of Izumisano, which includes the Ugandan delegation.

Shortly after noon on Friday, city authorities notified police of the absence of 20-year-old weightlifter Julius Cikitoliko, who did not show up for the daily antioxidant test.

Local authorities said the athlete was last seen by his compatriots shortly before midnight on Friday, warning police not to go into hiding.

According to the Ugandan media, the Daily Monitor, Sikitoliko was on the waiting list for the Games, but recently lost all hope of participating as a result of the Olympic quotas, so he had to return to his country soon.

Ssekitoleko was part of the first group of nine Ugandan athletes, coaches and managers who arrived in Japan in mid-June, where two people, who were not athletes, tested positive for COVID shortly thereafter. The entire group was immediately placed in quarantine.

The Japanese authorities imposed strict restrictions on all participants in the Tokyo Games (from July 23 to August 8) at a time when the health crisis in the country has worsened.

Athletes are tested on a daily basis and their trips are limited to their accommodation, training centers and competition facilities.

Almost all competitions will be held behind closed doors, organizers decided last week.

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