European Film Awards winners announced – Mubasher – deadline


Update to the latest…: The European Film Awards It takes place roughly tonight, and is the culmination of a series of online events over the past few days. Night categories include EFAs for European Documentaries, European Discovery, European Actress, European Actor, European Screenwriter, European Director and European Film. See below for winners as soon as they are announced.

Leadership Candidates to European Film AcademyIncludes 2020 Awards Thomas Winterberg‘s Another tour From Denmark, Jan Kumasa Body of Christ From Poland, and Pietro Marcelo Martin Eden From Italy with four gestures each. They are all ready for European movie along with the German title of Sacrificial Proof Berlin Alexander Platz, Czech Republic Colored bird Directed by Vaclav Merhol and Christian Petzold Undine, Also from Germany.


Among the previously announced winners in the other categories is Emmanuel Corcol The big hit European Comedy – The Film Trailer opened the Cannes Film Festival in October this year. He also already took EFAs Franco / Spanish Josep From director Uriel in the European Animation category, as well as Christina Casali for her production design in The Personal History of David Copperfield.

European Film Awards 2020 winners

European Director
Thomas Winterberg Another tour

European actor
Mads MikkelsenAnd the Another tour

European Discovery – FIPRESCI Prize
Carlo Seroni, Sole

European screenwriter
Thomas Winterberg and Tobias Lindholm Another tour

European actress
Paula Bear Undine

Previously announced:

European comedy
The big hit, Der: Emmanuel Corcole

European animation feature
JosepDer: Uriel

European short film
All cats are gray in the dark, Abbey: Lasse Linder

European cinema
Matteo Coco Out of sight

European Liberation
Maria Fantastica Valmore, Once again until the breakthrough

European production design
Christina Casali The Personal History of David Copperfield

European fashion design
Ursula Patzac, Out of sight

European hair and makeup
Yolanda Pena, Felix Terero, Nacho Diaz, The trench is endless

European original points
Dasha Dowinhower Berlin Alexander Platz

European voice
Joland Decarsyn little girl

European visual effects
Inaki Madariaga, Platform

Eurimages award for co-production
Luis Urbano

European University Film Award
Saudi fugitiveYou: Susan Regina Meures

EFA for innovative storytelling
Mark Cousins Womean Make Film: A New Road Through Cinema

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