Exacerbation of regrowth – Escambrae


From last Sunday through Friday, the county raised to 1,523 the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in lives to 1,523. 17 local radio events were opened, the largest number of such active events here since the beginning of the pandemic

In the county capital, 476 positive cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the past six days. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso)

In the county capital, 476 positive cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the past six days. (Photo: Oscar Alfonso)

When we think the infected line can be straight for days and uniformly over 100 patients per day, the statistics confirm that the trajectory of COVID-19 can veer as if it were leaving behind an already very wide plateau and back up the slope of those diagnosed with the disease.

Because if six days of the previous week – from Sunday to Friday – are enough to count 1,043 positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, they are already ahead of them, in the same period, by more than 400. From last Sunday to this Friday, it was Reporting 1523 patients spread across the county municipalities, that day in and day out the cases were above 220, that there were 17 open-transmission events and more than 550 active source controls… Evidence only 1 week after week this regrowth go From bad to worse.

The accumulated cases attest to this severity, which exceeded 100 in six of the eight municipalities of Spiritus. Of course, the most unfavorable reports were recorded by Sancti Spíritus with 476 patients in the past six days; Taguasco, 255; Gatiponico, 221; Cabaiguan, 200 and Fomento, 149.

But the fact that Yaguajay with 67 patients and La Sierpe with 27 appear to be in a better position doesn’t mean complications will stop piling up there. One thing should be clear: There has been an explosion of daily cases in all four quarters of this province.

And the infected are so worried that they can grow day by day with all the ensuing epidemiological consequences, such as deaths, because so far this week, according to the official part of the Ministry of Public Health, nine people have died from the spirits. from COVID-19.

Escambrae health authorities warned: The variants of SARS-CoV-2 that are circulating in the province are more virulent and cause a higher speed of infection and a higher lethality.

From this panorama, it is inferred that this outbreak is still putting us on the ropes, to the point that in the last 15 days, the county’s confirmed case rate is 698.36 and all regions are showing exorbitant numbers.

There is one preliminary calculation: in a county where today more than a thousand active cases are still accepted, where among the more than 1,000 isolated cases of Spiritus, more than 300 are suspected, where there are more than 350 people treated for infection Respiratory consultations Acute At the close of yesterday, there were more than 100 hospitalized with suspected COVID-19… and the trend in the next few days continues to be an increase.

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