Excitement reigns supreme at Coamo with the 61st edition of the San Blas Half Marathon

Excitement reigns supreme at Coamo with the 61st edition of the San Blas Half Marathon

More than 1,500 runners will be part of history San Blas de Eliscas de Cuamo Half Marathonwhen you hear the shot in Issue 61 of 7:00 AM

And it is that there will be a brand new runners-up in the history of the event. Today, Friday, two hours after registration closed, some 1,580 people have signed up to take part in the race, surpassing the 2021 mark of 1,315 on the event’s 60th anniversary.

“We hope to reach 1,600, to set a new record since 1963, when the first race was,” race chief Inner Ramos said yesterday.


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“There is an incredible enthusiasm. In the city we were checking routes and details at the last minute with the police and the enthusiasm can be seen in the city. We already have the ‘camp’ arrival. It feels like years ago. We are grateful to the athletes and their followers for their support,” he added to the medium.

The event will have participants from countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, United States, Italy and Puerto Rico.

Last year, Alexander Torres of Puerto Rico ran the fourth-fastest time for a Puerto Rican in the history of the race, stopping the clock at 1:05.21, when he was the fifth athlete to cross the finish line.. Kenyan Bernard Ngenu won in 1:03:39, and this year he was unable to return to defend his title due to problems with his visa.

Torres was surpassed by Villalbeño Hector ‘Papo’ Díaz with a 1:04.42 and Utuadeño Jorge Luis ‘Peco’ González with a 1:05.03 in 1982. In 2010, Luis Collazo stopped the clock at 1:05.10.

Torres leads the Puerto Rican elite in testing this year alongside Angelique Figueroa, Luis A. Rivera, Christian Ortiz. Barbara Coyles and Lesmarie Sanchez.

Beverly Ramos excused herself due to a prior commitment.

Delta Phi Delta Fraternity, the event organizer, recommends that participants arrive in Coamo no later than 6:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. and there will be transportation at the Public Plaza to the departure location.

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