Experts expect another record rains for shelters in the fourth quarter

Experts expect another record rains for shelters in the fourth quarter

The federal government will face a new barrage of appeals, now over a request for personal and biometric data to merge National Register of Mobile Phone Users (Pannaut)Specialists said.

Since it was posted on Official Journal of the Federation, Create the Pannaut It has caused some dissatisfaction with some users who chose the resort. As of April 30, there were already 29 final suspensions, including 155 precautionary measures for individuals and civic associations opposing registrations.

The specialist in economic and academic law for A comprehensive universityAnd the Gustavo GardonioSure Millennium Many lawsuits for judicial protection will be brought with a solid foundation.

He explained, “The judiciary will have to assess whether our right to privacy is sufficient to protect them from the application of this law (which requires the creation of the registry).” Garduño.

He stressed that “this law has an appropriate purpose, but it is excessive because we have the right to privacy. Not only on the basis of the Constitution, but also in accordance with the general international law of the American Convention on Human Rights.”

He explained that the aforementioned agreement indicates in Article 11 that “no person shall be subjected to arbitrary or arbitrary interference in his private life, family life, home, correspondence, or unlawful assault on his honor or reputation.”

Francisco Javier Bermudez Castillo, The legal director of the company Smart Ideas GroupHe added that the trial of Ambaru is pending before Authorization Against tyrannical actions and the violation of rights or freedoms, and in this case the right to the identity of the person.

These ambaro must be filed in the district court in administrative matters specializing in economic competition, broadcasting and telecommunications based in Mexico City, explained in detail Bermody’s.

There are even some pages on the internet that actually offer free formats to protect themselves, however Bermody’s A lawyer is advised to add more jurisprudence under protection.

The reason why mobile phone users file appeals is because they consider an Pannaut You are violating Article 14 of the Constitution, which states that no person’s rights can be infringed upon without a written order from a judge.

professor Panamericana University He wondered whether the need to prosecute a crime really outweighed our right that our information was not ubiquitous or whether the insecurity was so widespread that this right restricted us.

Or vice versa, does the security and privacy of our data prevent the state from taking such an excessive measure in our daily life? This is what is being discussed among those who disagree with the future application of the registry. He said the FCC still needs to dictate the rules for how it should be enforced. Bermody’s.

Some data has been shared by Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) Refer to it with an application PannautIn Mexico, Mexico will join a shortlist of countries that require biometric data to be registered to contract mobile services, such as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. In contrast, countries like Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands They turned down this type of offer due to evidence that it is not a useful crime-fighting mechanism.

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