Fabian Cueto: You don’t have to accumulate a lot of drama to lose to the United States

Fabian Cueto: You don’t have to accumulate a lot of drama to lose to the United States

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

A week after the painful loss of the United States coach of the Honduran national team, Fabian Quito, gave his assessments of the investigative start in CONCACAF octagon towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Cuito reviewed the current situation of Bicolour, which occupies the sixth place in the table of confrontations with only two points, achieved by a draw (1-1) against Canada and (0-0) against El Salvador, both of which are the visitors.

The Uruguayan gave an extensive interview to the Televicentro program “Fútbol a Fondo”, in which he explained the reason for the three changes he made at the beginning of the second half against the Americans.

What has not been done well in the history of the FIFA trio?

“Certainly there are things that were suddenly envisioned or planned so that we could get better results, we were going very well. I would say the second half of the last match (against the United States) was a moment that eliminated the possibility of that positive result and left that feeling because the most important thing is In a draw is the total points and we could not achieve it. Which was not easily compromised, as happened to us in the second half in some of the game events that made us get a result that remained within what was planned and required.”

Now that you’re fully conscious, what wouldn’t you do that you wouldn’t?

“The planning would be the same, Jorge (Salomon) agreed to the requests that we had between matches and then I considered the specific game decisions to be the ones to be made during the game and it makes sense after things there are situations that might have determined the outcome and we’re going to try not to do it, but from It is not known what would have happened if we did other things, there is no point in imagining other situations that are only in people’s imaginations.

“In these matches you have to have a strong defensive force that we didn’t have in the second half of the game with the USA, then in the two and a half games we were a tough, strong team and we had things to improve from football. From the point of view, for something we got two points out of nine.” But we should not stay with the second half of the United States because the national team throughout the three games had interesting things that we will emphasize, we will strengthen and strengthen and part of that comes from the things that we will work on, thinking that they will do different matches, there are no matches alike.”

Was it the three changes at the start of the second half that led to this break?

“I don’t think so, because otherwise it would be to blame the footballers who went in. I had planned to strengthen the defensive phase from an elevation point of view because we struggled on a set ball, the USA tried aero crosses, the sides were reached and the balls were permanently placed in area, giving Nagar more freedom for what was his access to attack, you have two central defenders permanently and in the first half you add two different types that were not in the planning but had to be done according to the situation as footballers.And here comes what I can say, that he could have stopped This change he had in his mind and made these two people only out of necessity, given the physical condition of the players. It hit emotionally an opinion, we weren’t expecting it because of what happened in the first half.”

“There were two changes for physical reasons, due to the appearance of pain which prevented us from continuing. The other change, which is Jose (Garcia) instead of Carlos (Pineda), it was tactical and this situation that we experienced in the last minutes is a bit of a mixture of exhausting the rhythm of the game and also The emotional part, which was at stake. Some mistakes came from situations like that.”

intercourse highlights Kervin Aryaga It’s normal for some players to have nerves, he said. “He put in a lot of effort, a good match, it’s his first international match, his first draw, there are many things at stake, big responsibilities, there is a lot of tension for football players who are living their first experiences. I think the performance during the three matches was more than satisfactory.”

Trust the footballers

Send a message to those who think the road is easy and now try to raise the morale of the players. “In the beginning we were very clear about the shape of the road, it was going to be difficult with situations like this, not surprising because of parity in 14 games.”

He added: “Secondly, belief in the players, in work, in the national team, working and benefiting from matches to avoid making mistakes; restoring confidence in the player.”

During the match at the Olympic Stadium, the fans began to throw things at the selected teams, which upset the coach of Bicolor. “I don’t share at all the reaction that people had with football players or with the national team, it is unjustified in any way, no one has the right to hit or throw things, I don’t understand it, it seems to me that it is from another era, not from current football.

“The only secret I believe in is working, trusting the footballers, rebuilding their confidence, showing that we believe they can, and it all depends on action, planning, strategy, taking advantage and learning from the mistakes made and continuing to grow. Whoever thought this path for Honduras was easy. He is wrong or does not analyze football.”

Cuito went even further by saying that today there is not a single Honduran player who can correct the situation and put Honduras on the path to the World Cup.

“They can criticize me in decisions, ask about others, but I don’t think there are Honduran players in the world who can change certain situations themselves, there may be some nuances, but this should be a performance team, there is no one who can only lead the national team, We will need the best moment ever to be in the World Cup, ranking is not achieved by playing well but by winning matches and scoring points.”

How was the group farewell after the third match?

“The message is a message of hope, and we believe in them. We have maintained contact, sent match photos, things to be corrected, and encourage them in their return to their clubs so that they maintain a good condition to return to the national team. The national team does not train players but receives them on Monday and plays on Wednesday” .

no drama

The Honduran coach believes there is not much drama involved in losing to the United States. “We lost against a team that had players yesterday who were playing in the Champions League for the best clubs in the world, in Europe, we lost with a team that gave us a fight, for 60 minutes the game was controlled, we were at a good level, but I want to say and remove the drama because Looks like we lost to an amateur team. We don’t have Champions League players, so we don’t have to put up a drama about a game that lost to the United States. ”

“We have to be aware of the potential that we have, the potential that our opponents have, which means three games on a date with FIFA a week, and the trips that mean… I am recovering mentally and from tension after the US game. We are doing it, anything is possible, But it is necessary to remember that competitors play too,” he commented.

Fabian Cueto announced that “the bulk of the group will remain and there will be footballers who will join who were not on the last date, so some footballers will be upset.”

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