Footers expands its business by broadcasting the series with

Footers expands its business by broadcasting the series with

Footers continues to expand its business. Spanish podium over the top (OTT) has reached an agreement with Helbiz Media, the exclusive distributor of Series B rights overseas, to broadcast the second category of Italian football in Spain via Cosmos. Neither the economic terms of the operation nor the term of the contract were disclosed.

Helbiz Media, the international distributor of the Italian competition, has reached a new agreement with Kosmos Global Media, a company founded by soccer player Gerard Pique, to Bringing Italian football broadcasting to Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Latin America and the BalkansIn addition to Spain.

After acquiring the rights to Series B, Footters furthered its expansion outside Spanish territory, having previously acquired the rights to Mexican First Division, Colombian First Division or Venezuelan First Division, among others.

Currently, Footters has more than 80,000 subscribers per month, more than double the number of subscribers it had before the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the platform that ended the fiscal year 2020 with revenues of 2.2 million euros, It plans to close the current year with a capital of five million euros, ie to double its turnover.

“We continue to work to further expand the internationalization of our brand, which is the goal we immediately set for ourselves with the new government together with all the clubs,” said Mauro Balata, President of the Second Division.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Seville, Footters is the Spanish OTT platform that broadcasts Spanish non-professional football matches, comprising the second division B and third division.

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