“Fracking” in Colombia: They agreed to the second debate to ban it

“Fracking” in Colombia: They agreed to the second debate to ban it

Colombia hydraulic fracturing ban project, supported by the government Gustavo Petro, One step closer to getting the green light from Congress then Senate approved it. This Tuesday, April 18th, in the second debate, and now he must go to the House of Representatives.

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It was cracking A controversial issue in recent years in Colombia, Especially after former President Ivan Duque promised not to implement this technology in the country, but then his government agreed pilots to assess the social and environmental impacts of rifting development In the future.

Faced with this, the Petro executive was against this technology allowing extraction the solid gas, A type of hydrocarbon found in rock layers at great depth, although at the moment no legislative measures have been introduced to stop exploration projects already underway.

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Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Suzana Mohamed. I celebratedAt the moment, the ban on “fracking” and unconventional deposits has been approved in the plenary session of the Senate“.

The Home Office also highlighted the approval of the second debate: “We continue the path towards a greener Colombia, focusing on water and life“.


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Other senators who supported the bill, such as Martha Peralta Ibić, also joined in the festivities, which were noted in the Senate, as Posters have been taken out calling for the technology to be banned.

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We did it. The ban on “fracking” and unconventional deposits was approved in the plenary session of the Senate. This is the real change, we are protecting life, nature and water. Rivers will never be dynamited to extract oil. live the life!said the senator.

After receiving the go-ahead from the Senate, the bill must pass Two more debates in the House of Representatives.

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The “hydraulic fracturing” controversy comes from the need to excavate the ground for later injecting large volumes of water mixed with chemicals at high pressure to crack the rock and release the gas, Something that according to ecologists will have a significant impact on the environment.


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