Geophysicist discusses with scientists eruptions and earthquakes in Ecuador

Geophysicist discusses with scientists eruptions and earthquakes in Ecuador

Photo of the eruption of the Reventador volcano in 2013. Events such as volcanic eruptions will be addressed at the Society of Scientists organized by the Geophysical Institute. Photo: Geophysical Institute

in keto The most important conference seismologists from Latin americaThe regional assembly Seismology in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event will take place from 3-5 October 2022 at the Colón Hotel.

Mario Ruiz, president of the Latin American Seismological Society, said the event has the school’s support College of Applied Arts National, from the Geophysical Institute, from service Management Risks Based on College Mohandessin geologists from Ecuador.

The meeting will bring together the world’s leading seismologists. Ruiz stated that the chief Seismology Society from United Stateothers of FranceAnd Italiaamong others from Latin America.

Topics that will be discussed in the geophysical event

Ruiz said that the important issues to be discussed are studies faults due to earthquakes, Earthquake danger In the city, as well as systems early warnings.

The latter is the most followed and used seismology to study Explosions, earthquakes and tsunamis. Another issue that will be discussed is how to do it region country in terms of its level Earthquake danger. In Ecuador, a seismic hazard map Then design the building code.

How do you participate in the event?

The inscriptions Open for presentations, a minimum of 200 people in person and approximately 100 others are expected to attend. To participate you must send a Abstract In one of the 23 scientific sessions found in the following link: Here they will be categorized by topic and we guarantee the diversity of presentations.

Ruiz said the conference will be held in two ways: face-to-face and virtual. Although the cost of attending the event is not yet planned, it is expected to range between $200 and $250.

Before the event there will be some science outingsRooms Galapagoswhere they will meet with the European Seismology Group; outlet for Cotopaxi And a workshop in detonator Where a team of seismologists will be responsible for observer The volcanoes.

Congress is dedicated to seismologists, but is open to people interested in learning more about earthquake science applications. Civil engineers working on these issues may participate in sessions revolving around identifying Earthquake danger that occur in urban areasRuiz male.

In the same way he commented that the people who work there emergency care They can come because they will see Effect subordinate earthquakes Like the shaking of the earth or the consequences of a generation tsunami also rash.

At the end of the course, seismologists will be able to speak with attendees so that they can discuss 23 topics that will be developed at this conference on October 3, 4 and 5, 2022.

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