Marcos Razetti left his medical career for technology – El Heraldo de Juarez

Marcos Razetti left his medical career for technology – El Heraldo de Juarez

Marcos Razetti is a 24-year-old who has decided to give up his medical degree to create his own path through entrepreneurship in the field of marketing. Thanks to the digitization of the media and the accelerated process that occurred during the pandemic, he was able to create a purely electronic environment from which he manages today 6 projects that position him as a promise from Latin America. Today he shares his success story with the aim of motivating more young people to be bold and venture into their own project without having to move from the country, all thanks to social networks where he had the opportunity to speak with his PR Ora Luz Abrego who lives in Mexico City and El Heraldo de Juarez.

Marcos Razetti was born in Argentina. Starting his first entrepreneurial venture when he was just 15 years old, he saw an opportunity to sell T-shirts and decided to do it door to door. Although his parents disagreed with his decision, he clung to following his dream, so he took the opportunity to take a course that gave him the first tools to create his own agency. “My first client was more like a teacher. He was guiding me in some details that let me down. It was a short term project, but there was a lot of learning involved. It is this experience that gives me the idea of ​​giving up my medical degree to devote myself entirely to the project.”

“I started in an office with a computer in my parents’ hallway. I woke up very early for work, went to college and went back to work and took courses. Later, I left university to focus entirely on what I was really passionate about,” and this allowed him to compose his music and all that Attracts his attention.

With his age, he realized the needs that exist to create a good entrepreneurial project, so he decided to offer workshops, conferences and online courses with the aim of promoting the dream of more young people who seek to be the source of their own business. “People asked about my secret, and they were interested in what I do and how I do well, so we took it upon ourselves to teach the courses where they know the best tips for starting their own business, so two more projects came out. They form part of all the activities I am currently doing.

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For Marcus, the pandemic means an exponential growth in his enterprise, where everything has gone digital, which means that all physical barriers of communication have been broken down and with it, his work has also transcended borders. My work has always been away, so I haven’t been affected by the pandemic. However, I noticed that the changes were in the exponential growth I had due to everything going digital from that moment on. The pandemic has given me the opportunity to create more projects because they are all built from digital platforms, so I don’t need a desk, just my computer and desk. This is exactly what we want to show as well. You don’t need a lot of physical resources to get started. The same stone realized that. We’ve been locked up and working from home, so what we need is desire and a good guide to tell us where to start,” he said.

Today, Marcos Razetti owns BlueHackers, Clarity Profits, Launch RF, Chatcloser and BH Partnership, where he realizes his social commitment to the youth of Latin America, and that is why he seeks to reach more countries with the aim of motivating everyone who thought about doing their own business and did not dare. I want to make it clear to them that it is not necessary to move to another country to start an idea. We just need to desire, to persevere, to work for it, not to give up and not to listen to those who tell us that it is not possible. If we believe in ourselves, anything is possible. “We Latinos have a lot to show to the whole world, and I think everything that’s happening around the world allows us that and more,” he concluded.

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