His story is winning on Twitter

His story is winning on Twitter
  • The user collects more than four thousand RT and 66 thousand likes with the publication of his life story.
  • He maintains that working weekends at the commercial chain helped him pay all the expenses of his college career.
  • Medicine is one of the most expensive professions to study because you not only have to pay tuition fees but you also have to buy books and uniforms.

It’s no secret that university is a complex stage because of everything it stands for. There are a lot of demands that translate into sleepless nights and multitasking. In addition, the economic part must also be taken into account because a large amount of money has to be spent each semester. You must comply with paying tuition fees and purchasing books. So, The story of the OXXO treasurer who is now a medical professional has triumphed on social networks.

In this case, the Internet performs several functions. At present it is estimated that 4.95 billion people use this tool. The figure represents 62.5% of the world’s population and the trend continues to increase.

At the same time, it is a powerful tool that knows no boundaries. With just one click you can stay informed of what is happening anywhere in the world. Some take the opportunity to learn stories in real time and others to tell personal stories.

An example of life for everyone

In this case, the user Tweet embed He posted a comment on his Twitter account that was well received. So far, it has collected more than four thousand RTs and more than 66 thousand likes. Consists of a brief story that tells how He has gone from being an OXXO treasurer to a medical professional.

Based on his testimony, he comes from a humble but hard working family. He admits that he was never short of food but also did not have the luxuries. But instead of viewing her financial situation as a hindrance, she viewed her as an inspiration to move forward.

When choosing to study medicine, new challenges began. Chief among them was finding a job that would allow him to earn an income to pay for his studies. All this led him to become a cashier at OXXO on the weekends.

Instead of feeling ashamed, he asserts that he is proud of his past because everything worked for him to get to where he is today. For a decade he was able not only to finish the university, but also to reside and today is a happy specialist.

His words can be taken as a motivation for everyone who aspires to become a doctor but thinks it is very difficult. Actually all races are complex but not impossible. There will always be flaws in each one, but with sufficient conviction and effort it is possible to overcome all barriers.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Mexico?

On the other hand, the thing you know very well is that a medicine degree is not exactly cheap. Enrollment in public universities is very low but one of the problems is that there are very few places available. For this reason, young people should turn to other alternatives such as private schools.

In this regard, Universidad Panamericana is listed among the best universities to study medicine in our country. Although get an idea, the enrollment payments for a new income or for a consecutive semester are 11,000 pesos plus five monthly installments of 10,700 pesos. This gives a cost of 64 thousand 500 pesos per semester.

Taking into account the four years of the profession within the enterprise, a total of 516 thousand pesos is obtained. But you should also take into account that one year of training and one year of social work are missing. All of the above represents only the right to be able to study and belong to the institution. In addition, you should also consider purchasing the uniform, books, and materials you need to enter medicine.

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