Global economic prospects are improving and more | World Front Pages 01/31/2023

Here’s what pops up on the front pages of the world’s media, this Tuesday, January 31, 2023:

The official report does not match the body cameras

Few details of the fatal beating in Memphis

The global economic outlook is improving

The United States, Europe and China exceed expectations. The IMF’s improved forecasts reflect averted disasters

The Yes Only Yes reform opens a rift in the coalition

PSOE, willing to handle the initiative without agreement with We Can. Equality agrees to raise judgments, but rejects the proposal of justice

The Guardian/UK

The International Monetary Fund warns the UK faces a “sharp correction” due to the fallout from Truss’ budget

The UK will be the only G7 country whose economy will shrink

The wanted Mapuche leader drunk and dressed as a woman fell into El Bolsón

Facundo Jones Huala arrested

Universal guaranteed pensions and improvements in more conservative funds drive record number of retirees in 2022

The number of retirees exceeded 177 thousand, an increase of almost 90% over the previous year

Congress continues to debate early elections and seeks consensus

Parliament meets today to make a decision

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