“Martinelli is the person who will do the most damage to the country’s economy”

“Martinelli is the person who will do the most damage to the country’s economy”

José Isabel Blandón has repeated on several occasions that he excludes an alliance with the Party of Goals Achieved, headed by the former President of the Republic, Riccardo Martinelli, for the 2024 elections.

The president of the Panaminista, José Isabel Blandón, asserted that the only way to achieve an alliance with his hostile Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD), would be by reducing the country’s political scene to the ruling party, the Panameñismo and Realizando Metas Party (RM), led by the former president, Riccardo Martinelli.

“The majority of the country does not want this government to repeat itself, but the majority will be affected if Riccardo Martinelli, who has been declared corrupt by the United States government, comes to rule this country,” Blandon said.

Although Blandon confirmed that he had met with the leaders of the PRD to talk about the situation in the country, he denied that the North would establish alliances for the elections on May 5, 2024, as he spoke with the only ones with a possible alliance. He is with Cambio Democrático and Partido País, as well as with Partido Popular and Alianza.

In the opinion of the president of the Panaminista party, Riccardo Martinelli is the one who will do the most damage to the country’s economy if he manages to rule and that the only ambition to reach the presidency is to solve all his legal problems and not the economic problem of all Panamanians.

“What this country has is the dollar, its main trading partner is the United States, and the main investors in Panama are the Americans, so we cannot jeopardize the country’s economic relations,” he said.

Blandon explained that he had met with some members of the executive branch and the PRD, claiming that he is above all a political leader concerned with the country, “We will not be able to find a solution to these urgent problems of the PRD. The state, such as reactivating the dialogue for social security, so that a decision is made Before the end of this government helps reduce the financial pressure on the Social Security Fund a bit.He stressed that this cannot be done without talking to the government.

“We have spoken and will continue to talk to everyone we can within government, so that they hear our dissenting voice about what is best for the country and that the Social Security dialogue table comes together again and we find a solution, even if it is only in the short term.”

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