Goodbye to Levitt Couto, the James Bond villain, and the cast of “Alien, the Eighth Passenger”

Goodbye to Levitt Couto, the James Bond villain, and the cast of “Alien, the Eighth Passenger”

Yavit Frederick Cotto was born on November 15, 1939 in New York, the son of a Cameroonian Jewish businessman who immigrated to the United States and an Army nurse. He began studying drama at the age of 16 in a traveling theater studio for actors, and made his debut at 17 in the montage of William Shakespeare’s “Othello”. In his early years, he turned down many movie offers, preferring to act in plays. He was reluctant to appear in the movies, because he seemed only interested in the Broadway stages, until he appeared at the age of 23 as an extra guest, in Four men from Texas.

He claimed to have witnessed visits from foreigners. “It started when I was nine or ten years old. I remember one day they told me I couldn’t go out, so I stared out the window at some boys playing basketball on the streets of the Bronx,” he recalls in an interview. “When I turned around, there was a figure behind me, he was at least five or five feet with an outstretched head. Then he disappeared.” Another day they told him to come out because something strange was going on. “I went outside and when I got there I saw a huge circle of smoke the size of Yankee Stadium. Everyone was terrified. After two or three nights I saw it again. This thing wiped out the entire sky, the moon, everything. It was huge.”

Yafit Koto Play supporting roles in titles like The Thomas Crown Affair. In 1967 he tried his luck in the music business and released the song “Have You Ever Seen The Blues”, which did not achieve the expected success. He played his unforgettable role in Live and let deathRoger Moore’s first movie, titled 007, was Kananga, a businessman nicknamed Mr. Page who used voodoo for his purposes. It would also remain in the collective imagination as engineer Dennis Parker, in Alien, the eighth passenger, One of the iconic movies of cinematic science fiction. He claims that he did not accept the role due to his encounters with foreigners. “It had nothing to do with it. It was the amazing 72-page text that made me decide.” Despite everything, while filming in the Philippines, he had a supernatural experience with visitors from other planets, because according to him he noticed a circle of what appeared to be smoke, which made him lose consciousness of time: “Where were you during the hours? I watched this thing? Because I have big gaps from some of those moments. “

Yvette Cotto separated from Rita Ingrid Detman, with whom he had three children, joined Antoinette Betty John, and had two more with her, and finally the aforementioned Tessy Sinaon. He earned an Emmy nomination to become Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the TV movie Raid on Entebbe. In 1980, he played prisoner Richard ‘Dickie’ Combs in Propaker. Since then, Yaphet Kotto has taken on all sorts of roles, fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 thriller The Misery. Follow up, Appears in the popular series Team A.As a villain, he played the hard-working FBI agent Alonzo Moseley in the action comedy Escape in the middle of the night, Alongside Robert De Niro, and played the doctor in the horror movie The Final Nightmare: Freddie’s Death. After a short appearance in The Wire (Bass Listen) Retired after comedy Crazy witness protection, 2004.

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