Greenhouse gas emissions are growing faster than the economy. United States example

Greenhouse gas emissions are growing faster than the economy.  United States example

After the effects of a severe pandemic that nearly paralyzed the global economy, harmful and dangerous greenhouse gas emissions have resumed their upward trajectory in the United States of America, the country that has a definite weight at the global level.

As citizens resume their normal lives throughout 2021, the climate hopes that emerged during the coronavirus pandemic have faded, dimming the lights of hope again with a greener economy.

An example is obtained after analyzing the raw data Posted by rhodium group, making 2021 emissions for the USA 6.2% higher than 2020 levels.

Emissions are growing more and ahead of the economy

However, this data is 5% lower than 2019 levels. It is important to stress this Emissions recovered faster than the economy itself.

For Kate Larsen, partner rhodium group, in the data collected by Watchman: «We expected a rebound, but it’s shocking that emissions are growing faster than the overall economy.”

Larsen adds that “We are not only reducing the carbon intensity of the economy, we are working to increase it. We are doing exactly the opposite of what we have to do«.

the reasons

The arrival of this rapid growth in emissions came as a result of two related aspects, according to the independent research group:

  1. Transportation: Emissions from transportation increased by about 10% compared to 2020. This brings with it the largest increase in emissions in 2021. The initial shutdown that occurred during the beginning of 2020 reduced transportation emissions by more than 15% compared to 2019 levels.
  2. coalCoal is another cause of increased emissions harmful to health and the environment. Despite what you might think, the potency of this mineral increased by 17% during 2021. This is the first time that coal capacity has increased since 2014, A situation explained by the rise in natural gas prices.

United States example

These figures show that the USA is moving away from the path necessary to achieve the goals signed in the Paris Agreement, to reduce emissions from 50% to 52% compared to 2005 levels by 2030.

The pandemic did not mean changing the course that many were pinning their hopes on. The example of the United States of America is clear The North American country is being forced to make changes in its policies if they really want to, forcing global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

According to Kate Larsen, in statements he made to the series NBC: «I think there was hope that the pandemic would change the way we do things, that it would be an opportunity to invest in the infrastructure we need to recover more sustainably but This did not come true«.

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