Guzmen met with the head of the US Treasury: ‘We had a very valuable and detailed talk’


During the third day of the G20 meeting, held in VeniceMinister of Economy Martin Guzman Maintain a busy schedule with Two essential meetings to renegotiate Argentina’s debt Against the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which It is worth 45,000 million US dollars.

Guzmen insisted that a global tax of more than 15% be applied to multinational corporations

The first meeting he had with him Yant Lin, The US Treasury Secretary, which ended on Saturday morning, is one of the keys Bringing Argentina’s talks with the IMF to fruition If the White House support check.

Guzmin highlights this He had a “very valuable and detailed” talk.Which dealt with “the importance of a multilateral solution to the problem of tax evasion and Negotiations to solve the problem of unsustainable debt with the International Monetary Fund“.

Then the President of the Palacio de Hacienda thanked the American official for it Contributing to a “renewed pluralism”, urging them to continue working together to “build more capabilities to be able to do so.” Implement public policies that create jobs and opportunities for our peopleشعوب.

Also participating in the meeting was the Director of the Southern Cone Region before the IMF Board, Sergio Chodos. Alternate Executive Director for Argentina and the Southern Cone of the World Bank, Cecilia Nahn; and Head of the International Affairs Unit, Maya Kolodenko, all representing Argentina.

On the other hand, one of the North American representatives was Chancellor David Lipton. Chief of Staff Didem Nisangi; Acting Assistant Secretary of State for International Monetary Policy, Patricia Pollard, and Assistant Secretary of State for Multilateral Negotiations in the Office of Tax Policy, Itay Greenberg.

The meeting with Yellen was for a purpose The embodiment of US support, the major contributor to the International Monetary Fund and the only country with veto power, in Debt renegotiation contracted with the government Mauricio Macri In 2018, it was held The first installment of principal maturities is scheduled for September of this year.

However, Guzmin’s hope is Change the payment terms of the agreement Suspension To start paying the maturities only four years from now, in 2025.

After a meeting a month earlier with the chief of the Palacio de Hacienda with the second man of Yellen, Wali AdiemoJoe Biden’s government has made this clear Only support Argentina in its negotiations With both the Fund and the Paris Club if Guzmn manages the project A “solid” economic plan for the country, reflecting specific directions for private sector growth.

Regarding your schedule for the remainder of Saturday, Guzmn will have a conversation with Kristalina GeorgievaThe head of the body that the minister met with the last time in March of this year, and part of his staff, in order to Discussing technical aspects of Argentina’s commitment to the IMF.

moreover, The head of the economics file will speak at the plenary session of the Group of TwentyThe international financial architecture, the global economy and health development in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic will be discussed.

Later also Guzmn Meet two European peers: Bruno Le MerMinister of Economy and Finance of France, and Nadia Calvio, Second Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain

On the other hand, yesterday the head of the Economy portfolio held a series of meetings with officials from different countries: Arturo Herrera Gutierrez, Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico; Olaf Schulz, German Finance Minister. Taro Aso, who heads the Japanese Ministry of Finance, and Anton Siluanov, his Russian counterpart.

Guzmn there talked about Special Drawing Rights (SDR) Granted by the International Monetary Fund in the face of crisis contexts, which will be awarded this year in The largest SDR spend in history From the organism, with a 650,000 million US dollars.

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