H. City Hall of Juárez . Official Page

H. City Hall of Juárez . Official Page

On November 1, 2022. – Elements of the Municipality’s General Secretariat of Public Security arrested a teenager for his alleged responsibility in committing the crime of burglary.

Municipal agents who carried out prevention and control missions at the intersection of Oasis de Segunda de Uganda and De la Paz streets, in the Pradera de los Oasis neighborhood, noticed that someone left a convenience store carrying several intoxicating drinks.

The reason for approaching him and when conducting an inspection, they noticed that the metal curtain locks of the aforementioned shop had been damaged, which led to his arrest, and he secured two bottles of alcoholic beverages, 12 beer cans and some tongs he used to enter the theft

In the previous reading of the rights, the 17-year-old was referred to the authority corresponding to his alleged responsibility in the commission of the aforementioned crime.

“Juarez Vigilante”

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