Healthier and less healthy countries

Healthier and less healthy countries

Since the epidemic has been the protagonist in the lives of all citizens of the world, health and medicine have been given more importance than ever, and it is important to him Health Day that you created World Health Organization (WHO) in 1950.

this April 7, 2023The celebration of World Health Day is of particular importance in this version because it coincides with the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948. On the occasion of this event, the World Health Organization has recognized that This year’s motto To celebrate Health Day: Health to all.

Who want to make The late cognition Of all his work during these 75 years that the nations of the world have come together to preserve health. It also invites us to remember the successes that have been achieved and to take up with motivation the challenges ahead so that health is within the reach of the entire planet.

To continue the fight for global health, universal health coverage is an essential component of achieving equality in medical care among countries, eradicating extreme poverty, and improving the quality of health centers.

Spain has among the best healthcare systems in the world, and Spain also ranks high in longevity rankings by country. According to the World Health Organization, the planet’s average life expectancy is 69.8 years for men and 74.2 years for women. in Spanish territory, The average age is 80.9 years for men and 86.3 years for women, making it the fourth longest-lived country in the worldBehind Japan, Singapore and Switzerland.

A healthy life, the number of hours of sunshine that encourages physical exercise outdoors, a balanced diet based on the Mediterranean diet, the tranquility of many regions of Spain and the public health system mean that life expectancy in the country rises to The highest in the world.

But these good habits should not be overlooked because eating habits are beginning to change and the sedentary lifestyles of young people, the introduction of fast food and industrial pastries into the diet has led Spain to drop in the list of the healthiest countries over these past few years.

he Bloomberg Country Health Index It relies on reports from the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Health Organization to create this indicator The healthiest and least healthy countries in the world. he The healthiest country in the world This is the year 2023 ItalyFollowed by Singapore and Iceland. On the contrary, the The least healthy countries in the world They are Uganda, Senegal and Swaziland.

Spain won first place on this list in 2019, but in 2023 it is ranked 28th in the world.

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