Holguin Computational Science Sector with Summer Options

Holguin Computational Science Sector with Summer Options

Holguin, August 14 (ACN) The science sector in the province Holguinshe has Various summer offersas part of healthy recreation options for children, youth and researchers in the Eastern Province, the third most densely populated area in Cuba.

Attractions include summer courses aimed at highlighting the assumptions of Marty’s thought, ornamental planting, and sustainable agriculture, among other topics highly acclaimed by attendees.

As part of the programs, visits to Holguin Botanical Garden and the Carlos de la Torre y Huerta Museum of Natural History, educational talks, poetry and painting competitions, among other initiatives related to science, technology and the environment.


An example of such activities is the Martian Holistic Workshop, in which students from the Information Science Program, researchers and scholars of the Prophet’s works and specialists from these branches participated, and paid tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro in the ninety-sixth century. his birth anniversary.

Leonardo Neves, the initiative’s organizer, told ACN that Martí’s thought transcends Cuban borders and the postulates of dignity, solidarity and social justice, found in the works of the Cuban Revolution.

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He specified that the study of José Martí’s work is a source of mandatory counseling for young people, and it is necessary to disseminate his contributions, through the use of new technologies, with content that is attractive to adolescents and young adults.

Holguín’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment is also working to promote coastal zone protection and priority ecosystems, as well as developing Mission Life, the Cuban state’s plan to address climate change.

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