Magellan is an example, because they saw science and research not as a pleasure but as an investment.

Magellan is an example, because they saw science and research not as a pleasure but as an investment.

TheThe Under Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (CTCI), Carolina Ginza, visited Magallanes to participate in various activities, such as discussing “Gender Radiography and Women’s Participation in CTCI”. Likewise, he also attended the “Conversation on the Characterization Study of the Selknam People” held at the CFT, Magallanes State in Porvenier.

– What are the new strategies of the CTCI Ministry and the axes it will direct in this government?

“Our main goal is to put research at the service of people. For that we have four strategic lines, which are strengthening the CTCI system, clarifying the various actors in it; Decentralizing research, because we know it is central to the metropolitan area; moving towards supremacy over scientific knowledge and placing it in Serving the nation by establishing research centers, democratizing knowledge, and reaching people through dialogue in various fields of knowledge.

– What are we talking about when refer to decentralization? And theIt is related to the fact that there is also more autonomy and more seremis join in your wallet?

We have five total areas, which have worked very well. Each region has its own problems, therefore, we have a mandate to apply for Seremi for each region by 2029. In this sense, our plan is to apply for Seremi

Seremis was established during these four years, without compromising the continuity of interconnection in the different areas in terms of research.

On the other hand, it is very important to strengthen and support existing research capabilities and link them to regional challenges. For this it is essential that we be able to clarify the different actors in the ecosystem: researchers and universities themselves, regional governments, municipalities and communities.”

– How is that It is important to address the question of meta-disciplines and what is the Ministry of Science doing to integrate this holistic viewpoint, and thus be a contribution at the country level?

“We understand beyond the discipline in a broad way, not only as the interaction and interrelationship of addressing subjects in the country such as the natural sciences, the physical and mathematical sciences, the humanities and art; but also the ancestral knowledge and knowledge developed by the societies themselves.

The conversation of ‘ancestral knowledge as a space for research and transdisciplinary’ was very important, because it shows us that there is a living people who have knowledge of their own and are able to interact and work with disciplines such as anthropology and other social sciences that lighten their story.”

Magallanes invests 0.63% of its GDP in research and development (R&D) activities, which is higher than the national average of 0.34%. Is this the minimum percentage that they aspire to in all regions of the country?

“We aspire to achieve 1% of GDP in research, which we will strongly support as a ministry and as a government. The Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic are an example in this,

Because they saw that science and research is not fun but rather an investment. The fact that they have 0.63% of the regional GDP invested in research means that they have been able to stand out as a science pole in the country. Chile invests only 0.34% in research.”

– Why is this ministry concerned and preoccupied with bridging the gender gap?? what or whatWhat concrete actions are you taking to reduce it?

“For us, progress towards gender equality is one of our latitudes and it is also a mandate of our government, which has proclaimed itself as a feminist. Therefore, we have policies

Gender and actions that go in that direction, but we also want to expand, which is why we are making progress in creating a gender unit that collaborates so that women can advance in their academic lives or in the world of innovation and technology.”

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