Hospitals in Huasteca have a 30% shortage of medicines – El Sol de Hidalgo

Hospitals in Huasteca have a 30% shortage of medicines – El Sol de Hidalgo

Huejutla, Hgo. – so far f30 percent increase in the supply of medicines and surgical materials In the Hospitals of La Huasteca, Integral de Atlapexco and Ilusión de Tlanchinol, But work is underway to achieve full coverage of these inputs required by the population, said Raees Health Minister Hidalgo (SSH) Maria Zoraida Robles Barrera.

The state official confirmed that the suspension will be carried out gradually and progressively towards these three hospitals located in the area Huasteca hidalguense And in the same Hi Sierrawhich will allow users and the families themselves to obtain their medication, besides the fact that it is a direct commitment obtained in these two areas, when these sites were visited directly.

Open job bank for professionals

On the other hand, the public servant of this newspaper explained that regarding work bag which is still open and addressed to specialists who want to work on some of these hospitals, who may go to the Human Resources area of ​​the Ministry of Finance or directly to the office of the same SSH in Puerta de Hierro, which will allow them to enter this government agency to offer their services.

Among the jobs that are requested are Anesthesiologists, gynecologists, internists, general practitioners, nurses, Since it is very important to have this kind of staff, but at the moment telemedicine is being handled and it has given good results so far in both parts of the Hidalguense entity, ”said Robles-Barrera.

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