How much does an accountant earn in the US?

How much does an accountant earn in the US?

As recognized by various professionals, the count It is a profession with great demand for employment in the United States and could represent an opportunity for many Argentines who have completed this profession and are analyzing the possibility of immigration.

North American country usually One of my favorite destinations By many citizens who, as a result of the local economic situation, seek to try their luck away from their lands. Since many of those who immigrate have college degrees, knowing what the application looks like and wages Paid in different occupations could be an aspect to consider.

In this context, as pointed out by Investopedia, the position of count Good salaries on a high basis the demand And highlight it It is a “stagnation proof” function.This is, quoting an American professor, who drew a graph: “Companies need audit if the economy is growing and companies need audit if the economy is stagnating.”

An accountant in the United States can earn about $5,400 a month

The accountant salary It depends on various factors, such as experience, the company you work for, and even the city you work in. However, based on official data And reviews of specialized job search sites, it can be considered that average income Approximately 65,000 USD per year: about $5400 per month.

The average accountant salary in the US is $5,400 per month

The gap between the different publications is wide. For example, according to the figures from the office work statisticsIn the United States, accountants are paid a salary Average annual $77,250 (some 6440 USD Month).

However, from a specialist site already they estimate that the average salary is about $4,155 Month. Meanwhile, for Glassdoor, revenue is close to that 4700 dollars.

In addition to the professional’s experience and stature, these values ​​are also influenced by the type of company they work for. It is, as specialized sites indicate, The companies that pay accountants the best are those in the financial, insurance, and even government sectors.

Accountant Salary Is it Enough to Live Well in the United States?

Beyond knowing that it is a profession in high demand and good wagesAnother essential aspect when planning to develop a career in another country is to prove it a wage enough for live well.

In this case, if we take for reference cost of living from city Miamione of the favorites by Argentines, the following fixed expenses should be taken into account per month:

  • The Leasing From a two-bedroom apartment in Miami Beach can cost from 2500 dollars (Logically, there are higher prices). A two-bedroom apartment in a remote area can cost around $1,600.
  • food: It is estimated that a person spends about $300 a month In the supermarket shopping to cook.
  • If one thinks Dinner For two people in an expensive restaurant in the city, including appetizer, main course, wine and dessert, costs about St 125 dollarsAccording to Expatistan.
  • Services: Pay for electricity, internet and cables around u$s290.
  • Cell phone: $30 monthly subscription.
  • to me: It is estimated that filling the tank of an average car costs about 55 USD. Additionally, according to Vivirenn, the cost of insurance is around $70 per month. Not counting the fees and parking, knowing that only two tanks are loaded per month, It will be spent from s180$ for car maintenance.
  • medical expenses: According to the specialist website Expatistan, a “short” visit to a private doctor costs about $94. Meanwhile, a cold pill tablet can cost about $8.
To live in Miami Beach, a person needs to spend a few dollars

To live in Miami Beach, a person needs to pay about $3900 per month

Thus, a person who lives in a two-room apartment in Miami Beach will spend a month 900 USDAlso, think about one dinner in a restaurant a week. In other words, if you receive the average accountant salary in the United States (about $5400 Month), You will have the rest of about $1,500 per month to save or use for leisure.

How to harmonize the title of accountant

To pursue a professional career in United State It is necessary to validate the studies (if conducted in another country). As the Infomigration website points out, it is important to keep in mind that a file legislation Class must be done in Country of Origin It is the local authorities who certify the validity of this document Lawful.

What to do in the country fate (in this case the United States), is homogeneity Title: will select, at the end, a file parity of the profession studied with the local study plan.

In this case, although it may vary according to each profession, some Requirements For university degree homogeneity are the following:

  • College degree
  • Studies program completed
  • Study plan with academic load
  • Documents and/or Certificates (Excellent Degree Certificate, Special Certificates, among others apply)
In addition to obtaining a work visa, it is necessary to homogenize the title in the United States.

In addition to obtaining a work visa, it is necessary to homogenize the title in the United States.

In any case, it is recommended to search Advice Before the entity in which you want to practice the profession, to know for sure what documents are needed and save time.

Is this, as posted by Infomigration, The process can take up to eight months and its cost will vary depending on the number of documents that will be approved. and the associations selected for its implementation.

Therefore, although you must have a file work visa Implementation of actions for homogeneity University degree obtained in Argentina, the demand for employment and salary covering basic expenses more a race in good Selection For those who, for various reasons, are considering immigrating to the United States.

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