How to do a complete physical training at home and without materials

How to do a complete physical training at home and without materials

Physical exercise is a An essential habit to enjoy a healthy life. But what type of exercise is recommended? It can be said that a person performs in a conscious manner, i.e. responds to our needs and preferences, and puts the mind in contact with the body.

Physical activity in nature is ideal, but if we are in the city and want to do it at home, this is also possible. wherever it is done, The goal of the exercise is to achieve an overall benefit, Promotes physical and emotional health and well-being, without negative side effects.

Compulsive, competitive, or aesthetically specific exercise usually does not achieve these health goals and can promote the development of musculoskeletal injuries or imbalances.

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No gym? Complete home workout routine

Complete home workout program

Whole Workout Bread Can Include:

  • Disciplines that favor mind-body contact in particular, Like yoga and tai chi.
  • type aerobic activities, Such as running, swimming, cycling and brisk walking.
  • Strength training vs resistance trainingAnaerobic), such as those performed using weights, rubber bands, machines, or using body weight.

It is possible to meet physical exercise needs without resorting to specific materials. Of course in the gym we will find weights, machines, treadmills and other devices, but at home we have enough. All we really need is a mat or rug.


yoga pool Postures with breathing exercises and meditative posture. The poses stretch the muscles, increase the range of motion of the joints, and narrow the muscles. At the same time, they produce a stimulus on the internal organs.

You can practice daily, between 10 minutes and 30 minutes. Practicing is highly recommended to get started “Salute to the Sun”A complete routine that you can learn in a short time from books or videos.

You can also follow the instructions of the articles published in the section Yoga from this web. You will also find in Body Mind School short courses You can do it at home at your own pace.

aerobic activities

Running in the playground or park doesn’t require a lot of explanation, but it can be very fun to practice Alternating moments of maximum and low intensity. Intermittent exercise has proven health benefits. For example, if you run, you can perform this routine:

  • Heat for 6 minutes at a rate that allows you to speak without difficulty.
  • Raise and hold the speed for 3 minutes.
  • Do a sprint for 20 seconds.
  • Rest walking for a minute.
  • Repeat the sprint for 20 seconds
  • Rest 1 minute walk.
  • Finish it with a few minutes of jogging.

If you want to do it at home, you can do it cRouting on site, jumping rope or using an exercise bike.

strength exercises

If aerobic exercise requires stress on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, resistance exercise is beneficial because muscle work has important metabolic effects.

a study It was conducted on 40,000 participants and concluded that people with more muscle strength had a higher than average life expectancy.

These exercises are based on repetition It works specific muscle groups. Beginners can start with 6 reps with a short rest between sets. Then the number of repetitions increases (up to 20 or more).

The rule is that muscle growth is achieved with more weight and less repetitions, and resistance with less weight and more repetitions.

How many repetitions can be done? If we do that Three sessions per week of strength training, We can do 3 to 5 reps per muscle group per session.

As for the rest between the series and the series, it must be At least two minutes And long enough to feel like the next series will be complete.

Push-ups are a typical example of strength training. Do what you can in the first set. In the following you do 75%. That is, if you manage to do 4 push-ups, in the next series, do 3. This way you will adapt the effort to your real physical condition.

You will find in the following articles Some strength exercises To practice at home:

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