hunger Games. The official poster for the competition has been revealed

hunger Games.  The official poster for the competition has been revealed

In 2015, the original epic of hunger Games, Starring American actress Jennifer Lawrence, it ended with the release of the second part of Mockingjay.

Then, thousands of fans of the story created by author Suzanne Collins are left wanting to know more about this dystopian universe… What can they do this year with a prequel titled Song of songbirds and snakeswhich was presented this Saturday Official poster.

The film presented, on social networks, an image showing a bird and a snake, golden in color and inside a circular structure, in what appears to be a fight. And around it are several golden flowers too.

This is for the public. ThanksWas the description of the poster.

When is the movie shown?

The Hunger Games: The Song of Songbirds and Snakes It will hit theaters later this year.

For the United States, the date has already been revealed: November 17th. What then It is not known if the premiere will be global or if the date will be different depending on the country.

Viola Davis will be the movie’s villain

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Viola Davis will be responsible for Giving Life to Dr.. Voluminia GaulVillain and creator of the famous 10th edition hunger Games in concession.

“Dr.,” said director Lawrence Jacobson, “from the very beginning, Viola has been our dream Dr. Gul because of the subtle layers of wit and emotion she brings to each role. (…) We are very fortunate to have an actor of Viola’s exceptional range and presence to play such an essential role.”


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