The harsh truth movie on Netflix that the US government doesn’t want the world to see

The harsh truth movie on Netflix that the US government doesn’t want the world to see

In the memory of some, memories remain of the days when one had to study a TV guide or know the name of an actor, or a bar, in order to later go to the movies to rent movies. That’s only history now, as today people simply have to sit back and choose their streaming service and enjoy the hours of entertainment available at their fingertips.troll.

In this context of technology and immediacy, it is fair to say that consumers are spoiled for choice as platforms have begun piling up new and old content in an effort to attract and retain subscribers, and this has given rise to what many call The golden age From running, where Netflix Show that he’s not afraid when it comes to hosting tapes on his playlists that go beyond and even bring into controversy, like the case of the tape we’re recommending below for this weekend, since it’s about a UN movie. The state government doesn’t want you to see.

A movie that can change the way you see the world

It’s about the feature film “Young People vs. Government” A documentary of the type that is already causing quite a stir within the platform flow With a distinctive red logo, because it is a production with an important central theme that concerns us all: the climate crisis.

This documentary is 1 hour 43 minutes long and directed by Christy Cooper It is a provocative production that is not suitable for all ages due to its inappropriate language. This movie follows the story of young Americans, who realize the problem posed by climate change, and decide to legally confront the most powerful government in the world.

It has been so since then 2015, 21 plaintiffs, now between the ages of 13 and 24, are suing the United States government for violating their constitutional rights to health, liberty, life, and personal and property integrity through their willful actions in creating the climate crisis these young people will. inherit.

This is the story of empowered young people raising their voices to find a solution to a complex and underlying problem that affects us all, and worse, the world. billion children Girls and adolescent girls are at “extremely high risk” of suffering the effects of the climate crisis, according to data revealed by UNICEF’s first Childhood Climate Risk Index.


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