Immigrants Spend Three Days Detained at the US Wall | Tijuana news

Immigrants Spend Three Days Detained at the US Wall |  Tijuana news

Tijuana, British Columbia – Immigrant group met Three days after his arrest at the US-Mexico border wall, Those who surrendered to border patrols in that country believing that they would receive the protection of humanitarian asylum.

“Jonathan”, a fictitious name, originally from Nicaragua, mentions that Friday 14 This month I swam from Playas de Tijuana to Imperial Beach. It was touching sand in North America arrested by officers which he placed at the main gate of the Parque de la Amistad, which can be seen from El Faro de Playas.

Since that day, along with six Nicaraguans and african woman Until yesterday Sunday, he was on the ground, bearing the cold and the sun, without more protection than his clothes.

detention centers

Jonathan, between 25 and 30, confirmed that they were not transferred to the detention centers, also known as “refrigerant”, Because they are saturated according to the agents.

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While he does not know if he will spend time there in detention, If they take you to ICE, If he was granted asylum, if he was released into the American Confederation, if he was returned to Nicaragua or Mexico.

They didn’t tell us anything, they just told us to wait. Also in Mexico it is difficult to cross without papers, you also have to take care of everything, the police robbed us and beat us, ”the immigrant from Nicaragua accused.

For his part, Daniel Wattman, founder and director of La Amistad Binational Park, said it has become popular outdoor arrests, Which he considered inhumane, because the migrants had no access to food or something to protect themselves from the weather.

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For this reason, he organized a collection of water and food that they gave him immigrants Through the gaps in the border wall and they were looking for what they needed to bear yesterday afternoon.

“It’s ridiculous and the lack of humanity has frustrated me a lot lately I have seen that there are groups of immigrants Those who arrived and implemented this practice, last time stayed 24 hours, without blankets and without food. This is the third time I’ve seen this.”

Whatman mentioned that Dual Park is a place in it Several families gather of different nationalities to protect the plants, but they also saw the necessity of solidarity with the arrested immigrants on the American side.

“I hope arrests aren’t more common, but I don’t know what can be expected. I think the United States is very transparent in its policies.”

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