In Lebanon, they found 40 tons of fish died due to polluted water – Uno TV

In Lebanon, they found 40 tons of fish died due to polluted water – Uno TV

¡Disaster Environmental in Lebanon! at least 40 tons of dead fish Appeared on the shores The Litani River Because of the condition Contaminated water to Residues s Waste in the area. Below in We explain more about this case.

In the last days Volunteers With the help of cranes and nets, I collected tons of Decomposing fish Near the lake QaraounIt is an area with neighboring villages whose inhabitants have been affected by the bad smell emanating from there.

But dead fish cannot be found only in water The Litani RiverIn addition, they can be seen with the naked eye, Plastic bottles, Which leads to swarms of flies. Fishermen described this as “unprecedented” and called for the arrest of those responsible for throwing waste into the water.

Fishermen described this as “unprecedented”. Photo: Reuters

The authorities They reported it The fish is poisonous and it was carrying a virusSo they asked people Avoid fishing along the Litani River.

The constant pollution of this waters2018 prompted a ban on fishing in the reservoir, which was built in 1959 with a large dam to collect water for hydropower and irrigation.

Last month, volunteers removed lumps of sticky tar from some beaches along The Lebanese coast After a spill Oil that environmentalists have warned will harm marine life.

Environmental disasters are the last thing the world needs Lebanonwhen it crumbles Financial issues Worrying and the consequences of a Big blast That destroyed the Beirut port last August.

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