In Colombia, a man prevents theft thanks to a flying kick

The robbers were stopped immediately thanks to this man who was baptized as “Jackie Chan”. | Photo: Cuartoscuro – archive

A man makes a big fuss in Colombia And other parts of the world, Since he managed to thwart a robbery Thanks to the fact that he hit an air strike Motorcycle thieves. Photo the act They have passed on to the virus s On One TV We present it below.

a The man starred in a scene worthy of a movieBecause thanks to a flying kick he was able to stop For two thieves who were on a motorcycleCourse.

The robbers, man and woman, were stopped immediately thanks to this man who was baptized as “Jackie Chan”.

Where did these events take place?

The events took place on April 28 in Pereira, specifically in the province of Risaralda, Colombia.

The video grabbed attention For a great flying kick The man instructs the “aliens” and the funny narration of the individual who took the photos.

At first, a woman enters the car with the doors open and starts taking things inside. A few meters away, her partner waits on a motorcycle to escape. In fact, the person concerned had access to the car with valuables.

At that moment, the owners of the stolen items begin to run after the thieves, who are already rapidly gathering to escape.

The cries of those affected alert the townspeople and Then it looks like the citizen is doing a massive flying kick at the thieves.

without thinking, The man jumps and kicks him from her side.

This situation Caused individuals to lose their balance and Collision with a parked vehicle.

Once on earth The man nicknamed “Jackie Chan” defeats the criminal and the other neighbors start beating him.

While, The woman took advantage of the chaos to flee.

But the brave citizen pursued her and hit her shoulders hard until she fell to the ground. Everything seems to indicate that the objects have been found and the criminals have been handed over to the authorities.

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