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An 87-year-old teacher had to sell his 1972 car due to financial problems. His students, upon learning, They decided to buy the little car to return it. Gesture that occurred in BrazilInternet shook.

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The teacher, Marcelo Sequeira, was a teacher for a story And geography for 26 years, in a school in Curitiba, in Brazil. The professor was known in his neighborhood for the impeccable condition that he was suffering from Fuchito.

According to RPC, Brazilian channel, his students instantly recognized the teacher when they saw him driving his car. Additionally, some of them, like Claudio Martins, have told the media about it Siqueria was a staple of their lives, as she approached them to give them advice.

(Imagine: RPC)

When they find out that the teacher has decided to put his car up for sale, the students put together a group of The WhatsApp To organize the car and buy it in good faith.

Once they collected the sum, with the help of the son of the teacher, they gave him a big surprise: Not only did they buy the car to return it to him, they also raised the money to pay for the renewal and make it look like new.

When Marcelo saw his car, he couldn’t stop him from crying emotionally, especially when his students told him he would pay for a redesign. FuchitoAnd the Which, by the way, It went out when the teacher wanted to take it home, so students had to push it.

(Imagine: RPC)

With information from RPC

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